Working for a new culture of Sustainability

FIBoPS Technical 2016

SONY DSCUma initiative to stimulate the construction of a new culture and consciousness, the culture of sustainability. Emerged in 2000, and over this period has been improved to reach new audiences. Promotes dialogue between organisations of the 3 sectors, shares knowledge and raises the level of debate. These meetings are called FIBoPS Technique (Forum for the Exchange of Good social and Environmental Practices), and made in the format mini-hearing so that the professionals and leaders of the area to know the “modus operandi” of sustainability in organizations.

Sustainability in practice

Valverde_publicoThe technical meetings, in addition to a guest expert on the subject, presents case studies Benchmarking converging with the themes of programming. This year, the meetings receive 12 cases Benchmarking of various thematic management: waste, water resources, environmental education, policies and tools of management, protection and conservation, energy, etc. These cases were certified by the Program Benchmarking Brazil in 2015, by the excellence of their practices.

Technical Meetings – Calendar 2016

9h/12h – the Auditorium of the University Anhembi Morumbi (Campus são paulo)
Avenida Paulista, 2000 – 15th floor – São Paulo/SP – free Participation

The Next Meeting

29/09 – Subscriptions

Sustainability: Campaigns and Management Policies

Special Guest


Cilene Victor Master and Phd in Communication Science and Journalist in the areas of science and the environment, researcher, and consultant in the area of communication and risk perception of natural disasters, environmental and technological. She was a Consultant to product of the Unesco/MCTI (2014). Professor of the courses of Journalism and Public Relations and coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Research Center of the Faculdade Casper Libero, and the director of the magazine With Environmental Science. Was a member of the jury Benchmarking in 2007.

Cases Benchmarking certificates in 2015


Sustainability in the School

Shahini Environmental (SP)

Presented by Cristina Shahini, President of the Shahini Environmental



Program Friend Energy

Aurora (SC)

Presented by Isabel Cristina Trierveiler AxeManager of Social Communication of the Aurora


Green Printing


Presented by Luciano Thomaz, IT manager at CHESF



The meetings are always held on the last 5th Friday of every month, 9h00 to 12h, in the auditorium of Anhembi Morumbi University, Campus são paulo – Avenida Paulista, 2000 – the 15th floor (near the station Consolação Subway). It is open and free and the applications are over the internet. There is issuance of certificate of participation by the internet to the public present. To view schedule of the previous editions, click on years: 2015    2014     201320122011 2010 20092008

Meetings already held in 2016



Sustainability under the prism of new segments

Special Guest

 Sonia Bruck, Member of the Brazilian Global Pact Committee, the Committee for Social Responsibility of the brazilian banking federation, of the PRI (Principles for Sustainable Investment), the EPC (Companies for the Climate)/FGV and of the Council of the Sustainability Index (ISE) of the BM&FBOVESPA). Member of the Board from GSI (Global Social Impact) – since 2011. Juror Benchmarking in 2008.


Cases Benchmarking certificates in 2015:


Multipliers in Environmental Education

Triumph Transbrasiliana (SP)

Presented by Fabio Barbara, Project director of the AMBIENS Environmental Solutions, the segment Highways.


Program Young Sustainable

Foundation Alphaville (SP)

Presented by Gustavo Serrone Aloe, Project consultant in Education for Sustainability in the Foundation Alphaville


Life projects on the Tip of the Pencil

Brazil Prev (SP)

Presented by Marianne B. Marinho, Superintendent Strategic Management and Cinthia Caiani Spanó, Manager and Communication A. Social BrasilPrev

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Models of management competitive issues of high environmental impact

Special Guest

Cristiane Cortez, Master and Doctorate in the Sciences (USP), Advisor to the Board of Sustainability of the buena iniciativa!. Project coordinator at the brazilian Reference Center on Biomass-Institute of Energy and Environment at the University of São Paulo (Cenbio/IEE/USP). Co-author of the publications of the buena iniciativa! and author of the Book BenchMais3 – The 311 best practices in environmental management in Brazil.

Cases Benchmarking certificates in 2015


Revenue Sustainability

Cargill (SP)

Presented by Marcio Barela, Sustainability coordinator of the Cargill Agricultural


Forest Restoration

House of the Currency (RJ)

Presented by Marcos Pereira, Superintendent of Safety, Environment and Occupational Health of the mint of Brazil – CMB


Master plan of Water

ArcelorMittal (ES)

Presented by Jennifer Oliva Colonel, Specialist Environment of ArcelorMittal


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Waste management in different branches of activities

Special Guest


Fabricio Dorado Soler , Master in Environmental Law (PUC), and specialist in Environmental Management (USP). Consultant to the World Bank for the issues related to the management of solid waste. Co-author of the book Management of Solid Waste. In the year 2014, was nominated by Global Law Experts Practice Awards in the category Waste Lawyer of the Year in Brazil. Was sworn Benchmarking (2013), and author of the book BenchMais3 – The 311 best practices in environmental management in Brazil.


Cases Benchmarking certificates in 2015


Composting of waste

Abbott (RJ)

Presented by Angelo Lopes Machado Manager EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) of Abbott


Disposal of Medicines

Cancer institute (SP)

Presented by Cíntia de Oliveira SousaPharmaceutical , head of the Pharmacy at the Outpatient clinic of the Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo


The Recycling of Rubber

Dana (RS)

Presented by Enice Oliveira, Coordinator of the environmental management of Dana


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