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Ranking Benchmarking 2018

If our common future is the result of our present practices, that they are the best. And the best were in the SIXTEENTH century BenchDay held on June 28, in São Paulo. Diversity and innovation have been the hallmarks of the edition. The best times of sustainability presented in cases and projects aligned to the SDGS (Sustainable Development Objectives) and working on different topics of sustainability. Hundreds of people attended the event which was held in the main Hall of the TRF3 (Tribunal Regional Federal 3rd Region), in St. Paul.

Ranking Benchmarking of Legitimate Sustainability 2018

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Ranking Benchmarking 2018 – Modality Senior (Business)

Benchmarking People 2018 (Trajectories)

Ranking Benchmarking 2018 – Modality Junior (Young Talent Innovations Green)

Ranking Benchmarking 2018 – Modality Hackathon (Young Talent Green IT)

Benchmarking of the Arts 2018 (Artists and Artisans)

About Benchmarking In Brazil:

A respected Sustainability Program that recognizes, certifies, and share cases of good practice there are more than a decade. Until this year, 388 cases (Senior) have been certified, and shared in publications (books, magazines, portals and databases digital) and events (meetings, seminars, forums and conferences). The ODS (Sustainable Development goals) are included in the methodology of selection of cases for sustainability, and the goals and commitments of the Program are on the platform SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) of the Agenda to 2030 the UN. See

Sao Paulo, June 29, 2018
Benchmarking Brazil
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