Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Benchmarking Brazil Winner

Benchmarking Brazil is the big winner in the category Humanities Prize von Martius Sustainability 2013



In this 4th show was known the classification of the finalists of the Prize von Martius Sustainability promoted by the Câmara Brasil Germany since the year 2000. Competing projects completed or in progress that promote economic development, social and cultural aligned to the concept of sustainable development of enterprises, non-governmental organizations, individuals, governments, and national institutions.


The Award honors symbolically emeritus German researcher Carl Friedrich Phillipp von Martius, whose work has contributed grandly to the knowledge and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment of our country.


This edition of the Prize von Martius Sustainability has received enrollment of approximately 100 projects that resulted in 03 categories: Humanities, Nature and Technology. The program Benchmarking Brazil competed with 38 other projects in the category Humanities and was in the first place.



The Category of Humanity receives enrollment initiatives that prioritize the development of the human being, such as programs and projects of environmental education and social communication projects, outreach, and information of a socio-environmental character or cultural; projects aiming at the adoption of values of social, cultural or environmental in the context of the individual or of the community (stakeholders).


“To be among the finalists of the prize von Martius was a huge joy. But, to conquer the first place was a wonderful surprise that fills us with pride and motivation to continue our work of selection, and certification of best sustainability practices”said Marilena Lavorato organizing Program Benchmarking Brazil.

“Benchmarking Brazil inspires companies and people in the continuous pursuit of best practices in sustainability. Has a role as an important educational for transforming realities and promote change. Certainly it was this factor that brought us here and that will take us much further.


The path is long, but we have already started and will continuer,” concludes Marilena Lavorato.


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Sao Paulo, 26 June 2013