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Benchmarking Brazil open registration and presents its technical committee

selo_rk_novoOne of the most respected labels of the sustainability of the country is now beginning to receive registrations of cases of sustainability certification Benchmarking. Companies and managers with good practice can apply their good practices to compete for the XV Ranking Benchmarking, Edition 2017.

The Program Benchmarking is a pioneering initiative for the dissemination and encouragement of adoption of best practices in organizations. Experts from different countries make up the technical committee that assesses the cases without having access to the name of the organization. The methodology of selection of cases is recognized by the ABNT, and the cases certificates are shared in publications, databases, digital, and technical events. Have already gone through the sieve Benchmarking (had cases certified) more than 180 brazilian institutions.

Collective intelligence in Sustainability

In the 14 previous editions, the Program Benchmarking selected and certified more than 350 cases of sustainability in the categories: Waste; Energy; Emissions; Water and Wastewater; Education, Information and Communication, social and Environmental Tools and Management Policies; Management and Reforestation; Scientific Research and Development of New Products; Protection and Conservation; and Production Arrangements.

Benchmarking Brazil providing a relevant service of public utility to the extent that it informs the society of the “modus operandi” of the organizations in relation to environmental issues, showing the sustainability applied in the day-to-day business, quite apart from the theory and from the discourse. To participate, a company must be aware of and able to meet the requirements of the regulation.

Experts from 7 countries participate in the Technical Committee 2017


site_home_mThe technical committee responsible for the evaluation of cases enrolled in 2017 brings together expertise from 07 different countries: the United States, Portugal, spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Venezuela and Brazil. These experts pontuarão requirements of the cases without having access to the name of the organizations. To see the photo, testimonial and profile of the CT-2017, click HERE

Technical committee 2017 in alphabetical order

  1. Aline Cardoso, Co-founder of the Network Urban People and the deputy mayor of the city of São Paulo – São Paulo/SP
  2. Fabio Guido, a Specialist in Finance to Sustainability in the WWF – São Paulo/SP
  3. Fernanda Mocellin Baumhardt, CERAH – Consultant to the International Federation of the Red Cross Society, and Associate Professor of the Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action – Geneva/Switzerland
  4. Honorius Campante, National Consultant of Benchmarking of the IAPMEI in Portugal and co-author of the Module Environment and Energy of the Portuguese Index Benchmarking – Aveiro/Portugal
  5. Ishmael Rocha, Academic Director of ESPM Social – São Paulo/SP
  6. Jacimara War Axe, Director of Environmental Quality IBAMA – Brasília/DF
  7. José Manuel da Fonseca, Researcher at Chalmers University of Technology – Gutemburgo/Sweden.
  8. Leslei Lukacs, the Founder and President of the Board of Green Initiatives for Venues and Events (GIVE) – san Francisco/USA
  9. Mário Carrilho Niggaz, Professor of management in the Department of Social Sciences and Management at the Open University (UAb) – Lisbon/Portugal
  10. Marlei Pozzebon, teacher and researcher at HEC Montreal (École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal) – Montreal/Canada
  11. Pål Mårtensson, Creator and manager of the largest park of recycling in the world “Kretsloppsparken Alelyckan”with more than 35 thousand square meters – Gothemburg/Sweden.
  12. Ruth Caprile, a Professor at the Andres Bello Catholic University and a Member'ALENE (Asociación Latinoamericana Ethics, Negocios y Economía) – Caracas/Venezuela
  13. Sérgio Monforte – the Sustainability Expert of the CNI – National Confederation of Industry – Brasília/DF

About Benchmarking – Brazil A program of appreciation of good sustainability practices, and of those who work with them 

trofeu_revista_corte_cantoneiraThe Program held its 1st edition in 2003, and by the seriousness and the innovative format has become one of the most respected labels of the Sustainability of the Country. Today with 1 modality anchor and 5 modes parallel is the more legitimate of the movement of sustainability by the plurality of voices that brings together. Companies, Universities, Vocational Technical Schools, Agencies, and representative bodies and government, Artists, Personalities, and specialized media are part of the initiative that is in its 15th edition.

The methodology of selection and certification Program Benchmarking has the recognition of the ABNT. In 2013, Benchmarking Brazil was the big winner (1° place), in the category Humanities Prize von Martius Sustainability of the Chamber Brazil-Germany. Is considered the picture of the social and environmental management of the brazilian registering his level of maturity and evolution in sustainability.

The Program Benchmarking has already certified 356 practices of 186 institutions of 26 different branches of activities. With approximately 200 experts from 21 different countries participating in the technical committee, the program has become a platform of collective intelligence in sustainability and working with different audiences to strengthen the movement of good practices along the brazilian society.

All of this applied knowledge produced by the experts involved in sustainability are shared in specialized publications and technical events. In addition to the Bank's Digital best practices available on the internet with great visitation, more than 60 technical meetings have already been held. 03 books published (Benchmarks 1, 2 and 3), and 12 editions, broadcast Magazine Benchmarking (versions print and electronic) distributed for free to the public and is active and interested in this theme.

The XIV edition of the Program Benchmarking Brazil had substantial support. They are: Institutional Support: TRF3 (Tribunal Regional Federal 3rd Region) and IAPMEI – the Partnerships for the growth of the ministry of economy of the government of Portugal. Support Disclosure: Envolverde, Green Thought, a Shareholder, RSOPT (Network of the Social Responsibility of Organizations from Portugal), and the Magazine Industrial Environment. Academic Support: Vocational schools Paula Souza Center, the IFSP and Senai SP, and University Anhembi Morumbi, Uninove, and Mackenzie. The XIV Bench Day, held on 29 and 30 June 2016 in the main Hall and the auditorium of the Federal Regional Court of 3rd Region – Av. Paulista, 1842 – 25th floor, São Paulo/SP.

Registration of cases for the CENTURY Edition: 24 January to 31 march 2017.

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