Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Day of Well in Sampa

The Institute More participated in the Day of the Well leading information and environmental education to the event.

In the space I+ were conducted recycling workshops teaching adults and children to transform it into new products materials that would be discarded. Under the coordination of the Turning inside out, a technique for the reuse of materials that literally turns inside-out containers and other paper materials and cardboard.

For the public playground, we had fun activities, with highlight to the storytelling with cases and topics that awaken love and respect nature from an early age.

In the space I+ have been met adults and children with information and activities that help to build a new consciousness and culture, the culture of Sustainability.

Given to the public, the visitor, in addition to the volunteers, were present in the space R+: Morgana Cruz, environmental educator of the Turning inside out and Marilena Lino de Almeida Lavorato, president of the sustainability committee.

The Day was organised by the Social Network Beautiful View, of which the Institute forms part. The Social Network Beautiful View brings together Ngos and social movements established in the Neighborhood Bela Vista.
On the Day of as Well:

The Day of the Well is an initiative of the Social Network of the Center, Social Network, Beautiful View, and the NGOS Reciclamundo and Do Your Part.

Two actions were taken this day, 25/01: a Collective Social sustainability actions in the Praça 14 Bis and the Viaduct Plínio de Queiroz, in the Bixiga; and the Walk of the Well, who toured the old center of São Paulo.

Summer Social:

Were offered the following services in the Praça 14 Bis: distribution of snacks, measurement of blood pressure, testing blood sugar, and hepatitis A, hair cut, playful activities with children, physical assessment, classroom gardening, workshop for the use of recyclable products.

In the last edition of the Day of the Well in 2012, the following results were obtained: 84 admissions volunteers, 250 hair cuts, distribution 5800 snacks, 1172 medical consultations, 63 attendances of justice and the action involved 500 volunteers.
Walk Well: 

The “Walk for Good” ran through the old center of São Paulo, where historical places of the city and the jewels of world architecture, and co-exist with the highest concentration of homeless people in the city. The walk came out of the Cathedral Square, in the Courtyard of the School and went up to the Square 14. Colored and was glad the day of the anniversary of São Paulo, and brought some of the principles that were taught by the Apostle Paul, who lends his name to the city: to Love is to do good.
The entities involved

Red cross – SP, ReciclaMundo, JEAME, Cristolândia, Mission, Scene, Reindeer, Clinica Reviver, Clinical Paths, Mission Philadelphia, CADEF, the Evangelical Community of Bixiga, Church Family, Baptist Church of the People, the House of Recovery New Dawn, Awake Deborah, Ministry Crossfire, Community, Worship, and Worshippers, Association, Aviva, Mission Life, snowball – Church, Radio Transmundial, Churches Eco – Citizens, Institute More, Saec, ACM – Ymca, CVV – Center for the Enhancement of Life, Novolhar, CET, the New Time, the vw Beetle Club, Elite Sports Consulting, Do Your Part, the Social Network View, Social Network Centre, Falun Dafa, and ZPB – Janitorial Planet Brazil.


Date and time: Friday, January 25 2013, from 10 to 16 hours.
Walk the Well – Concentration – 09h in the morning in the Cathedral Square.
Route: Praça da Sé, Rua XI de Agosto, Praça João Mendes, Viaduto Maria Paula, Rua Maria Paula Viaduct on July 9, the stairway of 9 July, 9 de julio Avenue, the Viaduct Plínio de Queiroz, Praça 14 Bis.
Location of Summer Social: Praça 14 Bis / Viaduct Plínio de Queiroz, Av. Nine of July, the height of the number 1600.