Working for a new culture of Sustainability

I+ done poll for the themes of sustainability in 2015


Dear Managers, Leaders and others interested in SUSTAINABILITY

The example of previous years, we have begun preparations for the calendar I+ of the next year and we need a few minutes of your attention by pointing topics of interest to anchor the events, programs and publications that we will accomplish in 2015. For this, just answer the poll in the column to the side (below). Your cooperation helps make our activities and increasingly better and more productive.

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Only 02 of 10 thematic management (*)

(*) These are the thematic management that organize the cases in the Database Practices Benchmarking. Are 311 cases which are certified by the Program Benchmarking Brazil.


  1. Productive Arrangements ( )
  2. Education, Information and Comunicação_Socioambiental ( )
  3. Emissions ( )
  4. Energy ( )
  5. Tools and Management Policies ( )
  6. Management and Reforestation ( )
  7. Research and Development of New Products ( )
  8. Protection and Conservation ( )
  9. The economy and Effluents ( )
  10. Waste ( )


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