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Brazilian cities – Local Development, 09/12 in Belém/PA


I+ supports the initiative “Dialogues Capital – the Brazilian Metropolis”. The next one will be in Belém/PA on the day 09 of December, and will address the theme of Local Development.

A relevant dialogue on local development in the Amazon, with the participation of experts from companies, government and Ngos, pointing out the problems and the solutions available.

The charter Capital takes DiálogosCapitais the Belém/PA

After you have passed through the capital of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife and Porto Alegre, arrives for the first time, in Belém, the seminar series Dialogues Capital Brazilian Cities, bringing the theme of “development Models for the Amazon and for Brazil.” The event, organized by the CartaCapital magazine in partnership with Instituto Envolverde, will be held on the next day 09, in Hangar-Convention Center and Fairs of the Amazon. The seminar will be open to the public, with online registration through the site

On the agenda a wide-ranging dialogue on local development, with an eye to the big cities of the Northern region, the challenges of Amazonia, and the role of agriculture and livestock. Within the programming, guests from the fields of political, governmental, business, and social organizations that contribute to dialogue and share ideas. The opening of the seminar will be held by the mayor of Bethlehem, Zenaldo Coutinho, followed by the lecture “Models of development for the Amazon and for Brazil.”

Also will be held the debate “income Generation and local development”, with the participation of Suênia de Souza, director of the Center Sebrae Sustainability, João Meirelles, director of the Institute Peabiru, and John Corallo, director of Power and Institutional of the Valley, in the state of Pará. The debate will be mediated by journalist Dal Marcondes, a columnist for CartaCapital and director of the Instituto Envolverde.

Dal Marcondes points out that the series Dialogues Capitals proposes the interaction of governments, private companies and civil society to reflect on the main issues related to local development, and together establish the propositions that contribute to the resolution of these difficulties. “We want to throw light on the major problems of megacities and to show the solutions available,” he says.


Seminar series Dialogues Capitals in the Brazilian Metropolis

Day: 09 December 2014

Time: 8h to 13h

Location: Hangar Convention Center & Fairgrounds of the Amazon – Belém (Pará)

Registration by web site:


8h-9h – Registration and wellcome coffee

9h1-9h40– Opening Zenaldo Coutinho – Mayor of Bethlehem

9h40 - 10h30 – Lecture Gilberto Carvalho – General secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic –

10: 30-10: 45 am – Coffee Break

10h45 – 12h15 – Table Dialogues – “Income generation and local development”

Suênia de Souza – Director of the Center Sebrae Sustainability

João Meirelles – Director of the Institute Peabiru and Writer

John Coral – Executive director-Human Resources, director of Power and Institutional of the Valley, in the state of Pará

Mediation – Dal Marcondesjournalist Envolverde/Charter Capital

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