Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Christmas Sustainable

The values that give foundation to the principles and guidelines of sustainability must be present in all human activities. Think and act this way is to have “Culture of Sustainability”

Exhibition of Christmas Trees Sustainable in the Circuit of são paulo

Exhibition of Christmas Trees made with the reuse of recyclable materials. The trees were donated by the artists and craftsmen and will be sold by the Institute at the end of the exhibition, on 20 December 2012. To purchase your tree unique and sustainable, visit the exhibition and make your reservation or call (11) 3257-9660 or send e-mail to

Part of this initiative, the artists and craftsmen: Alessandra Ferraz, Adzilda Xavier, Claudia Santoni & Women's Group the Charms of the Cantareira, Free Rubbishuluxo, J. Prete, Joice Andrade, Luciana Guerra, Morgan Cross, Neusa Silva, Noely Escarante, Oswaldo Oliveira, dr. rosely Ferraiol, Soraia Vitiello & Patricia Miranda, Tereza Yamashita, Veronica, Jorge. The Curator is the Project Turning inside out, and the achievement of the Institute MORE and MORE PROJECTS with the support of the School of Communication at the University Anhembi Morumbi.

The Shows “Christmas with More Solidarity and Sustainability” it is part of the initiative “Culture of Sustainability”, a project necessary to awaken the consciousness in relation to social and environmental challenges of our time. A culture of Sustainability adopt the art as a mediator to share environmental awareness. It was released on July in new YORK with the show “Art that revolutionizes, Practices that Transform” with the re-reading of the works of Tarsila do Amaral by the artist Thiago Costackz. Since then she was on 04 different sites and mobilizing people and building a new culture of sustainability along with society.