Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Retrospective 2013

2013 was a year of achievements. We have selected the main activities carried out during the year to share with all of you who helped us on this journey of building a “Culture of Sustainability”. In 2014, there will be more. Wait!

Sustainability on the Web TV. In 2013 were produced and aired by Channel I+ more than 40 programs with interviews, pictures and special subjects. Every 4th Friday, Marilena Lavorato interview special guests about the most varied themes of sustainability.










Released the 9th Edition of the Magazine Benchmarking with exclusive interview with Walter Fust, President of the and the Global Crop Diversity Trust the Seed Bank for the Protection of Global Biodiversity. Coverage of the 11th Edition of the program Benchmarking Brazil, in addition to testimonials and technical articles.

The institute FURTHER presents its calendar of activities for 2014. Events in all months of the year. To participate, Sponsor, and spread the word. Help us build a Culture of Sustainability with the sharing of information and enhanced content of sustainability applied.

The results of the Survey Sustainability Themes for 2014. Were 211 responses and the topic of greatest interest at 21% was “Education for Sustainability”. Based on the survey was drawn up the calendar for 2014.

It was held the 5th and final technical meeting of the year with 04 experts to discuss the theme “the Actions of Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, how to assess?”, on October 31

I+ participates in the celebration of the Day of the Tree and also the anniversary of the Tietê River, in the Ecological Park of Tietê, where you have been planted seedlings from the Trumpet Yellow, on 21 September

It was held the 4th Technical Meeting of the year with 4 experts discussing the theme “PNRS, Reverse Logistics and New Products”, on 26 September

Benchmarking Brasil em Númerosiilouro_generico_dourado_home
I left the report “Benchmarking the Numbers” with the results and trajectory of the Program Benchmarking Brazil in its 11 previous editions.


horta_urbana dr_nelson

Was held the 6th FIBoPS – Exchange of Practices and Sustainable Products in the days 20, 21 and 22 August. The event had an intense schedule that included congress and space for playful cultural. Hosted also the 2nd National Meeting of Professionals of the Sustainability of the ABRAPS.

Non the 29th of August, we were present at the launch of the book “Science and Technology as vectors for the Sustainability” of the 1st CiiS – International Congress on Innovation and Sustainability. Marilena Lavorato, President of the Sustainability Committee I+ contributed with the article “Culture of Sustainability to change realities” in the chapter on Communication, Culture and Sustainability.

Bench_Brasil trofeu_21013
Was held the 11th Edition of the Program Benchmarking Brazil who presented the “Legitimate Sustainability” in 04 categories: Benchmarking Sr (organizations), Benchmarking Jr (technical schools), Benchmarking of the Arts (artists) and Benchmarking the People, in the days of 31 July and 01 August in the auditorium of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region.

Benchmarking Brazil was the big winner of the category Humanities the Prize von Martius da Camara Brasil alemanha. The Program Benchmarking Brazil competed with 38 other projects in the category Humanities and was in the first place. Benchmarking Brazil received the award on June 26

Channel I+ participates in Turn-of-Sustainable Sao Paulo with the special environment, a program with over 3 hours of content including exclusive stories, interviews, and frames transmitted on Web Tv and also broadcasted in the room, the contents of the Centro Cultural Rio Verde on 05 and 06 June.

Conducted the 3rd Technical Meeting of the year discussing the theme of “Demands for the Professionalization of Sustainability”. Were 04 specialists and 1 case Benchmarking, on may 23

Held the 2nd Technical Meeting of the year discussing the theme of “Sustainability and the challenges of the relationship with stakeholders”. Again with 04 specialists and 1 case Benchmarking, on 25 April

Held the 1st Technical Meeting of the year discussing the theme “Sustainability as a strategic value”. Were 04 specialists and 1 case Benchmarking, on 27 march

The institute Further participates in the walk as well as one of the organizations participating in the Project Embrace your Neighborhood, in celebration of the anniversary of São Paulo, on 25 January