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Inspired by the effervescence of innovative city that never stops, and now complete 458 years, São Paulo, the Institute More launched its new website, more dynamic, interactive and consistent.The Institute MORE has always bet on innovation to build a relationship with the audience active and interested in sustainability. For this, it invests continuously in new technologies and new processes to share knowledge on socio-environmental applied.

The new website can be translated into more than 30 languages, and all pages can be published on major social media, in addition to the interactivity with the content of the site. A team of communicators and experts will be responsible for the production of content and the dissemination of the activities to always keep up-to-date information and news.
And it could not be otherwise. Fruit of the Program Benchmarking Brazil, a sustainability seal, which in 2012 celebrates 10 years, recognized for its independence and credibility. Benchmarking means learning from the best and pursue the continuous improvement, year after year, day after day.


The Institute MORE follows to the letter, this commandment of quality and innovation. Throughout its existence it launched new formats to share socio-environmental knowledge applied, did the school and dictated trends. Now launching the interactive site and the 2012 calendar betting Intelligence with Ethics.

The Institute is the NGO plural and aggregator that has the objective and mission of Building a Culture of Sustainability at the organizations and society. More information on the site



December 19, 2011, at the headquarters of the ANR – National restaurant Association, Marilena Lavorato, President of the Sustainability Committee of the Institute MORE participated in the Workshop PNRS for restaurants.

Attended the workshop approaches distinctLaw, under the legal point of view, which was presented by Dr. W Uemura, office Days and Pamplona Lawyers; Optical Social, with the participation of Eduardo Ferreira de Paula (Dudu), Vice-president of the National Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials; A Case Practical presented by Daniela Masson Lerario, specialist in recycling of the Group Bread of Sugar, and Strategy Green presented by Marilena Lavorato of the Institute More.

Marilena talked about Sustainability, the 02 sides of the same coin to the members present. In the photo to the side, Marilena Lavorato of I+, Dudu of the National Movement of waste Pickers, and Alberto A. Lyra, Jr, Executive Director of the ANR – National restaurant Association.

The National Policy of Solid Residues after processing more than 20 years was finally approved and provides for the proper management of waste and the end of the lixóes until 2014.

The National restaurant association is an entity that representcea entrepreneurs of the sector food service, is a brazilian from the world's largest networks of franchise, to independent restaurants, cafes and kiosks – in his relations with public powers, entities, employees and with society in general. The Sector currently has an annual gross revenues of R$ 182 billion and growing at a rate three times higher than the national GDP. The national association represents more than 4,200 points of sale around the country, of which about 800 in São Paulo, which employ more than 85 thousand employees, 96% of them in the hiring direct.

The Institute FURTHER assists with the building of critical mass in terms of sustainability, participating in actions, sectoral, public and private of the most diverse sectors and segments of society, always with quality information and rich content. To learn more visit the site

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