Working for a new culture of Sustainability


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Companies, Institutions and Individuals that identify with our values can help the I+ potentiate their actions for dissemination, strengthening and encouraging the adoption of good practices of sustainability in organizations and society.


Forms of Partnership and Collaboration

antenedor: Are companies, Institutions or Persons that in the exercise of its corporate citizenship or personal, investing financial resources for the implementation of our activities. In the condition of maintainer participate in all events and publications calendar CEBoPS and has reciprocities special associated with it.

 Sponsor: Are companies, Institutions or People who participate in one or more activity, event, or publication of the I+ with promotional objectives, or institutional, transferring financial resources for carrying out of the activity sponsored. on condition that the sponsor has reciprocities that are compatible with your investment.

Supporter: Are companies, Institutions or Persons that provide resources in the form of products or services to the viability of the event or activity supported. On condition that the supporter has reciprocities compatible with the resource available.

Partner: Are companies, Institutions or Individuals who join efforts with the I+ in a given action with goals and common interests. The rights and obligations of the partner are pre-agreed in the contract.

Volunteer: Persons or organizations that act in a spontaneous way, providing services and/or resources.


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