Working for a new culture of Sustainability


The Institute MORE account with the voluntary participation of experts, managers and maintainers are active and devoted to the dissemination and strengthening of the principles and guidelines of sustainability at the organizations, municipalities, the media and universities for the realization of your projects and actions:


Advisory Board

Experts, leaders and personalities with history and relevant national and international coverage for guidance and collaboration of the activities planned. See Table HERE


Sustainability committee

Experts, researchers, and environmentalists with a history and experience-proven that coordinate and collaborate to the realization of the scheduled activities. See table HERE


The Multidisciplinary Team

Experts and trainees involved in sustainability who volunteer their time in the implementation and operationalization of the planned activities. See Table HERE


Location and Contact:

Institute MORE

Rua Peixoto Gomide, 297 – CJ 21

01409-001, São Paulo/SP

Location map HERE

Phones: (11) 3257-9660 (11) 3637-4457