Working for a new culture of Sustainability


Learn about the contribution of the Institute's MORE to building a critical mass for sustainability

Consistent with our mission of sharing applied knowledge and to encourage the adoption of good practices in institutions and society, we have a calendar of different activities, and directed the management of sustainability.

We operate under the technical coordination of a Sustainability Committee and guidance from an Advisory Board. We specialize in management and training, socio-environmental with an emphasis on sustainability practices. We serve the market for public-and private-interested in research, management and capacity building environmental.

We work with the multiprofessional team itself and/or in partnerships to conduct one of the more comprehensive programs and specialized in the area that is the Calendar CEBoPS (Commitment by Good social and Environmental Practices) that includes events, interactivity, and publications.

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FIBoPS International (Show) 2011 2010

CIBoPS International (Congress) 2011 2010

FIBoPS Technical (Technical Meeting) 2011

FIBoPS Regional (Shows) – 2011


Publications & Acquis:

Guide of Good social and Environmental Practices 2010 2009 2008

Journal Benchmarking 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

Bank Digital of Good social and Environmental Practices (Cases Benchmarking) 2003 - 2011



CEBoPS – Business Council for the Good social and Environmental Practices 2011

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