Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Benchmarking Brazil

In its 10th edition, the Program Benchmarking has already established itself as one of the most respected labels of Sustainability.

With a structured methodology and with the participation of experts from various countries, the Ranking Benchmarking defines and recognizes the holders of the sustainability best practices.

The Program Benchmarking, in addition to the Ranking, together with other actions to promote sustainability as publications, database, digital, open access, technical meetings and exhibitions and international congresses.

Institutions with good sustainability practices can register their cases until 30/05/2012 for the internet, and once rankeadas will be part of the largest Bank in Digital Good social and Environmental Practices of free access of the country, a source of consultation for researchers, universities and specialty media. The technical committee is multidisciplinary and brings together experts from various countries. The registration can be made online at the hot site

Credibility and Exclusivity

1. Ranking Benchmarking

The Cases the Winners of the Program Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking are selected by a respected technical committee multi-disciplinary participation of specialists from Brazil and other countries.

With its own methodology and transparent is selected, the members of the Ranking Benchmarking , companies and managers with practices that demonstrate positive outcomes for the natural environment, the community and the organisation of adopter. Are references and the following examples by the potential replicability of the practice adopted.

In the 9 years of existence, the program Benchmarks was attended by approximately 111 experts from 13 different countries at the technical committee and more than 100 supporters of the institute. In this period certified 133 companies by selecting 226 cases Benchmarking, which are recognised as references and the following examples by the excellence of their practices. To view and download folder, click on one of the versions English    English

2. Publications



Guides, Books, and Journal Benchmarking publicacoes bench

Each 4 editions, the Program Benchmarking releases a volume of the series Benchmarks, by bringing together the best practices selected in the period. The work is distributed gratuimente in universities and representative bodies with the objective of contributing with the training of current and future managers.

 In 2007, the Program launched its first publication, the Book Benchmarks in association with Ruschell & Associates and the Institute Envolverde bringing together Managers and Companies Benchmarking in a Book considered to be the most important database of social and environmental practices in the country. The work presented items, memory and cases winners selected in the Program, the Benchmarking of the editions 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, whose circulation initial of 5000 copies was distributed free of charge universities, representative bodies and specialized media.

The content identified and arranged by the methodology Benchmarking has had international reach, being also released and distributed in Portugal, Mexico, the United States and Austria. In 2011, the Program Benchmarking has released the volume 2 of the series bringing together the cases selected in the editions 2007 to 2010 on the 9th Benchmarking, to Share, to Grow – the 2011 Edition. BenchMais2 has a preface of the Minister of Environment, Izabela Teixeira and participation of Lester Brown, author of the international that there are more than 20 years, talks about the green economy.



The Program also offers electronically for free access on the internet the Blacks Books: Business Benchmarking, List of Cases, the Benchmarking and Database of Sustainability Practices Benchmarking. They are: Business Benchmarking, The list of Cases, Summary of Practices
In carrying out the annual FIBoPS – International trade Fair for the Exchange of Good social and Environmental Practices is released the Guide of Good socio-Environmental Practices, a true roadmap of the Fair with the summaries of the cases presented. Already the Magazine Benchmarking is a recurring quarterly focused on social and environmental management corporate and aimed at professionals and leaders of sustainability. With interviews, Statements and depositions, and matters unique features that we have better and more current to the continuous improvement of processes and competitiveness of business.
In 2008, they released the Guide and Magazine in the electronic versions and printed (5 thousand printed copies), both with distribution free of charge. In 2009, was launched the Bulletin in electronic version with notes, articles, and schedule pro-sustainability. And since then, these periodicals are distributed free of charge in the technical events of the area and its electronic version available for free access on the internet

3. Certification Benchmarking

Certification Benchmarking (seal, certificate manager and certificate company) identifies and provides the status of the holder of the best practices of sustainability to companies and managers rankeados. The Seal Benchmarking can be used in matches digital or printed attesting to the condition of Winner and Benchmark Benchmark Environmental. The seal and certificates are delivered in printed and digital formats.


4. Digital Banking of Good social and Environmental Practices


Managers and Business Benchmarking are automatically recognized as holders of the best practices in social, environmental and become part of the largest Digital banking with free access on the Internet.

 The BD became a source of research and consultation to specialists, researchers and leaders active in sustainability, faculty and students of the universities, professionals, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, in addition to the journalists from the specialized media and mass media. The collection brings together 226 practices catalogued and organized into 10 thematic management.

The Bank Digital of free access is a riquissima source of consultation and research for journalists, students and professionals to share solutions and practices of excellence. See Video

5. Day Benchmarking, to Share, to Grow

Photos of the 5th Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking held in the large auditorium of the MASP in são Paulo/SP

A special date awaited with anxiety by both managers and institutions Benchmarking and other personalities active in the area, socio-environmental, which this year enters in its 8th edition. On this day, the cases the winners and the Ranking Benchmarking are presented to the public present in the event of extreme elegance corporate and it has already become a classic on the national calendar. See BenchDay
The Technical commission of all editions, supporters, personalities and authorities, academia and the media specialist meet on the Day Benchmarking in an attitude of recognition, prestige and pride of being part of an independent initiative, a multidisciplinary and international participation, selects and presents the best of the social-environmental management in brazil.

On this date, the protogonistas of the event, institutions and managers, Benchmarking, considered to be references and the following examples are participating in a special program where they present their cases and are presented as the keepers of best practices. Know your rankings in the Ranking Benchmarking, receive their diplomas and trofeus and are honored with the presence of a select audience of special guests

6. Technical Meetings

Technical meetings bringing together professionals from the social and environmental management working in 03 sectors of the economy

Annually, there are conducted technical meetings (free and open to the public interested in) with grid pointed to by the members GMGA – Group multi-disciplinary Environmental Management. Are invited experts, researchers and managers Benchmarking to present their cases as the convergence of the topics presented.

These technical meetings receive, on average, 150 professionals, and in all of them is presented the Ranking Benchmarking of the last edition and also included in the grid, the presentation of a case Benchmarking converged with the theme addressed. Programming, Click HERE

The GMGA it is a thematic group of studies maintained by the MaisProjetos that emerged in 2002 to the dissemination and strengthening of best practices in environmental companies and brazilian institutions. It has national coverage and brings together more than 2000 professionals enrolled and involved in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment), RI (Institutional Relations), RS (Resp. Social) and GS (Sustainability Management)

 7. International Benchmarking – Exchange of cases

In partnership with the Institute More if done the International Benchmarking process for the exchange of practices and cases from brazil with other countries in the FIBoPS – International trade Fair for the Exchange of Good Practices social and Environmental that also hosts the Day Benchmarking.

It is an open event and free of charge, and with membership of the major universities and representative entities bringing together the critical mass of sustainability. It became known for the quality of the public: experts, researchers, business leaders, authorities and personalities special. In its 5th edition, the event is recognized as the most specialized international exchange of sustainability practices in the country. To view and download folder, click on one of the versions     Portuquês     English      Spanish


 8. Trophies and Certificates

On the solemnity of the presentation of the Ranking Benchmarking Managers and Companies Benchmarking receive their respective trofeus, seals, and certificates, and records the time of the conquest. Are the examples of good practice of the year and the edition

9. Testimonials
Managers, judges and supporters Benchmarking leave testimonials about the motivations and experiences of your participation in this initiative to promote sustainability. View the testimonials of the Technical Commission of the editions: 201120102009 2008 20072006200520042003

10. Gallery of photos and videos
Managers, Companies, Judges and Supporters Benchmarking can download photos in high resolution in the space of restricted access. View photos: 201120102009200820072006 200520042003 View Videos:  HERE