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Corporate commitment by the Good Practices Environmental

“We need to create in the present, solutions to the problems that we have inherited from the past.Only then will it be possible to build a future based on the principles of sustainability. The accelerated growth of the world population of the last 50 years, in addition to the model of economic development is committed to the natural heritage of the planet, generating impacts that endanger not only the model, but also the very survival of the species. It is imperative the construction of a new path for the redemption of the balance and sustainability of natural life in the society. Para choices, more assertive and it is necessary to raise the level of debate-environmental. For this, we have created the CEBoPS, a calendar of activities that share socio-environmental knowledge applied, mostly free,” Marilena Lino A. Lavorato, President of the Sustainability Committee I+

Calendario 2012

March, April, May, September and October

11Th Edition FIBoPS Technique – Technical meetings about current and relevant themes singled out in the poll conducted with experts and managers active in the area. Open and free. To know and apply, click HERE


10 Edition Benchmarking Brazil – The Ranking of the Holders of the Sustainability Best Practices evaluated by experts from various countries
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5Th Edition FIBoPS International – Show Products and Green Practices
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A culture of Sustainability

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Special Project: Sustainability management

For Universities and Institutions Representing the (I+ offers a free Workshop Introduction to Sustainability Management. To learn more about the Program, click HERE or if you prefer to send e-mail confirming your interest HERE