Working for a new culture of Sustainability


Calendario 2012

March, April, May, September and October

12Th Edition FIBoPS Technique – Technical meetings about current and relevant themes singled out in the poll conducted with experts and managers active in the area. To know and apply, click HERE

March to June (online Registration),

July (Day Benchmarking, to Share, to Grow)

10th Edition Benchmarking Brazil – The Ranking of the Holders of the Sustainability Best Practices evaluated by specialists from several countries. Ranking 2012 and the Ranking of the Decade the Benchmarking

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July and August

  1st Edition of the Culture of Sustainability – Shows “Art that Revolutionizes, Practices that Transform

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5Th Edition FIBoPS International – Shows Products and Green Practices
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3Th Edition of the International Congress of Good socio-Environmental Practices – Trends in Management and Future Exchange Practices and Solutions

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All year

Courses and Workshops

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