Working for a new culture of Sustainability


The FIBoPS emerged to mobilize leaders, experts, researchers and specialized media around the opportunities and challenges of the new global configuration for the organizations and society.

The critical mass of sustainability, discusses and anticipates the management, socio-environmental enterprise.

In FIBoPS, exhibitors and public visitors have access to technological innovations and management, business trends and new products. National and international personalities are present in presenting strategies and practices, in addition to the competitiveness and advancement of their industries and companies.

Tuned with a new format for the economy and the market, the fair gathers and shares knowledge, practices, services and products pro-sustainability, promotes new businesses, empowers managers and provides an approach between the various players of the society around the challenges and opportunities that sustainability imposes on governments, countries, companies and individuals.

In 04 editions, the FIBoPS is the most recommended by the specialists and leaders of the area.

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Participate in the FIBoPS, representatives of academia, government, representative institutions, companies and entrepreneurs, leaders and others interested in products, practices and innovations on pro-sustainability. The company or institution with differential pro-sustainability has in FIBoPS the ideal shop-window to interact and position themselves next to a public highly specialized and opinion shaper.

The FIBoPS is the result of 10 years of Program Brazilian Environmental Benchmarkinginitiative independenten, which built and owns the largest database digital of good practices for the sustainability of free access to the country. The Bank Digital of Good social and Environmental Practices it brings together 226 sustainability practices, catalogued in 10 different thematic management: Waste; Energy; Gases and Pollutants; Water and Wastewater; Education, Information and Environmental Communication; Tools and Management Policies; Management and Reforestation; Scientific Research and Development of New Products; Protection and Conservation; the Production Arrangements. More 100 experts 13 different countries have already participated in the technical committee that evaluates and selects the practices entered without having access to the name of the organization.

More 130 companies have already been rankeadas by the Program, the Benchmarking and integrate today the largest Database of Good Practices for the Sustainability of free access to the country. This rich collection which is annually updated with new companies and practices is part of the Show FIBoPS with the Duty Benchmarking, to Share, to Grow. In 2012, approximately 250 practices will be part of the Call with monitoring specialist, engineers and environmental managers, to customer service to the public visitor.

With this rich collection, it has become imperative to share with sectors of great influence in the human and technological development: Companies, Academia, Research Centers, and Vocational Education, Entities, Associations and Representative linked to the business sector and the social, Governmental Sectors, Media Specialist,Third Sector and Leadership in general.

Thus was born the FIBoPS in 2008, sharing the acquis technical built over these years, and promoting the exchange pro-sustainability among leaders, institutions and countries. In 2012 the FIBoPS innovates once again by launching the July Sustainable with great attractions to receive and gather the critical mass of sustainability in Brazil and other countries.

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