Working for a new culture of Sustainability

A culture of Sustainability

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A action, educational and cultural, to awaken a new consciousness with the society. It is a proposal of convergence to the didactics of cultural between Art that revolutionizes and Practices that transform. The initiative is launched in celebration of the 90 years of the Week of Modern Art 22 that has revolutionized the way of making and understanding art, and the 10 years of the Program Benchmarking Brazil that brought together more than 200 sustainability practices with free access on the internet, 03 publications and more than 100 specialists from 13 different countries who worked voluntarily in the course of this decade. Two initiatives of mobilization and social transformation that brought new perspectives and viewpoints to relevant issues of his time. The project meets art with sustainability practices and proposes a new, look and act for the social and environmental challenges of the moment. It is a project encouraged and organizations wishing to participate should make contact by phone (11) 3257-9660/ 3729-9005 or send e-mail to