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The Water crisis – Interview Opinion-Free

The Cantareira system supplies approximately 50% of the population of the metropolitan region the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, and with the water crisis of 2014 comes from day-to-day decrease in the rate of water storage. Today, April 08, registers at 12.7% , certainly the lowest index since its creation in the 60's. This summer, the region has not received the amount of rainfall necessary for the system to remain comfortable to live in the period autumn/winter, which naturally registers little or no rain, which is troubling. In February, when the crisis already started to worry, Marilena Lavorato, environmental manager, environmental and Chairman of the Sustainability Committee of the Institute gave an interview to the program Opinion on this important issue. For 30 minutes, Marilena answered questions of the presenter Silvia Vineyards, clarifying and informing didactic about the process that critical that we live. Worth checking out.