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Benchmarks 2

Lester Brown praises the brazilian program for pro-sustainability, Benchmarking, Brazil, and participates in the Work BenchMais2


In testimony in the book BenchMais2, released in São Paulo, Lester Brown highlights the initiative that already ranked 226 best social and environmental practices in the Country.

One of the most influential thinkers in the world, the american Lester Brown, praised the Program Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking, responsible for the largest database of good social and environmental practices in the Country.


“This rich collection of case studies reports the emergence of a new generation of managers and companies that design business models able to produce positive outcomes for the natural environment and social, taking as its premise a situation of win-win-win where everyone wins,” said Brown in a testimony recorded in the book BenchMais2, which will be released in the next 28 of July, in São Paulo, with the presence of the minister of Environment, Izabella Teixeira, who also prefaced the work.


Founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, a Washington, D. C., Lester Brown, says the Program is one of the most significant advances in the balance sheet of the Rio + 20 Conference.  Professor Paulo Nogueira Neto, who was the first to occupy a position of environment in the government (at the time, secretary, but with status of ministry), also participates in the work, that brings you even a synopsis of 198 best practices selected in the Program.


“This collection will be expanded with the edition of the Ranking Benchmarking 2011 of the Holders of the Best Sustainability Practices in Brazil, which will be known only on the Bench Day”, notes Marilena Lavorato, president of the Sustainability Committee of the Institute More. “These cases have been selected by a jury with experts from various countries, who did not have access to the names of the organizations that signed up the cases”, adds. For more information, visit the website BenchBrasil –

The Serial Benchmarks is updated every 04 years with the inclusion of the practices selected annually by the Program BenchmarkingBrasil