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Logo_fotografia_sloganThe development of good socio-environmental practices in Brazil
On the day 19/02, 13, in the Radio of the University UFRGS university of Rio Grande do Sul – AM 1080, Marilena Lavorato I+ spoke about the trajectory of good sustainability practices in Brazil. Marilena came up with the program Benchmarking Brazil that has certified more than 300 cases in Benchmarking. This year the programme holds its 13th edition and launches the 3rd volume of the series Benchmarks, the Best Practices of Environmental Management in Brazil.
BenchMais3 will have a collection of signed articles by exponents of the national and international scenario of the area, socio-environmental, and the summary of the cases, the Benchmarking certificates in the last 4 editions. The launch will occur on the THIRTEENTH Day Benchmarking where it will display the Ranking of the best Sustainability 2015, on the day 02 of July, in the auditorium of the Federal Regional Court of 3rd Region – TRF3, in the Av. Paulista, 1842 – North Tower – 25th floor, São Paulo/SP.
As it was being designed for the insertion of this area in organizations and how it worked the partnership of the 2nd with the 3rd sector in this area. As an example, the dual Projects – a consultancy that specializes in good socio-environmental practices with the Institute, a NGO specialized in communication and socio-environmental education.
Click on the image below to listen to the interview that was broadcast by Radio UFRGS in the day 19/02 13h on the site and, on the day 24/02, 10: 40 am will be relayed by Radio Tom Social of São Paulo on the site