Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Journal Benchmarking Edition 14



What and who are making a difference in the world of sustainability

This is the 14th edition of the Magazine Benchmarking, whose purpose is to contribute to the construction of a new consciousness and culture, the culture of sustainability. A journal that devotes attention and care in the choice of issues to be addressed. Relevance, innovation and timeliness are criteria that guide the choices of themes and personas that are invited to share visions, solutions, and reflections in the journal Benchmarking.

In this edition, the Sustainable Development Objectives(ODS) occupy a place of prominence with a section fully dedicated to them. We will have 30 testimonials about the ODS in the Voices of Sustainability. They are the experts, activists and leaderships that act in causes aligned to one or more of the 17 ODS of Agenda 2030 of the UN. Each of the ODS will have representatives talking about the same. And don't stop there, in pages Green, Haroldo Machado Filho, co-chair of the Advisory Group of the UN System in Brazil grants an interview about the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

Another issue that gaining space in the corporate world and also outside it, is the Science of Happiness. To speak on this topic no less than Tal Ben-Shahar, professor of positive psychology and leadership which became very well known for its crowded classes. He created the course most popular in the history of Harvard, and his books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages and appear in the lists of best sellers all over the world. Today he provides consulting for large companies and gives lectures about Happiness, Self-esteem, Leadership and Setting Goals.

And still has full coverage of the XVI Bench Day that represents the Collective Intelligence in Sustainability with its more than 400 cases and projects, certificates, and shared on digital platforms, books and magazines of management, sustainability forums, in addition to the videos and cases minidocs. It's hard not to read content of this quality is not? Enjoy reading and catch up with who is making the difference in the world of sustainability.

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