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I left the Benchmarking Report Brazil to 2017

Benchmarking in Numbers 2003 – 2017

The Program Benchmarking Brazil released its report with information consolidated in the period 2003 to 2017. The numbers are impressive and show why the Program is considered to be the picture of environmental management in brazil, and the platform of the collective intelligence in sustainability. See the numbers:

  • 15 editions held
  • 373 cases Benchmarking certificates and organized in 10 categories management
  • 192 organizations of the 03 sectors of the economy and of the 27 branches of activity, located in 17 different states of the federation have had their cases certified
  • 205 experts from 23 different countries in the technical committee of the modality senior (business)
  • 01 series with 3 volumes published: BenchMais1, BenchMais2 and BenchMais3
  • 01 magazine, 13 published editions
  • 01 Digital banking with free access on the internet