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Out the 12th Edition of the Magazine Benchmarking – Content, Sustainability

Paginas_1_Capa_Ed_12_2016_NOVO_2_MLearning with the holders of the best social and environmental practices

Benchmarking Magazine, 12th edition


Came out the 12th edition of the Magazine Benchmarking with enhanced content of socio-environmental management. In this edition, current and relevant themes of sustainability addressed by the best experts and activists from Brazil and other countries. Interviews, testimonials, articles, calendar, and full coverage of the XIV Benchmarking Brazil -Collective Intelligence in Sustainability. To read or download in version FLIP, click on the cover of the Magazine. To view or download as a PDF, click HERE


The 12th edition of the Magazine Benchmarking is a new look. And not only in the visual that the magazine broke new ground, but in your stories also. The content was guided by the relevance and topicality of the subjects and personalities from the socio-environmental. The choice of the topics covered, and especially of the names invited were made with the greatest care to satisfy the requirement of a specialized reader, and active.

The cover is signed by the designer Roberta de Queiroz Sousa, graduated in Visual Communication by the ISBA – Institut Supérieur des Beaux - Arts de Besançon (France), and the graphic design internal has been completely redesigned to be more intuitive and organized, allowing for quick location of sections.

The interviews, testimonials and technical articles are all unpublished. Featured interview in Pages Green to Geoff Kendall, a young entrepreneur with a Phd in artificial intelligence, and one of the creators of the Index Future Fit Business, which he calls the New Benchmarking. A recent issue in the corporate world, and in the interest of the executives and professionals of organisations that deal with sustainability as a new frontier of innovation.

We have researched a lot to bring the best names in sustainability. The selection criteria always guided by the level of innovation and degree of legitimacy of the guests. We have 3 technical articles signed by experts that talk about: Circular Economy, Green IT, and The challenges of the Crisis to the Professionals at Sustainable Development. In the Trajectories, we count the life and work of actor, singer and TV presenter Rolando Boldrin who completed 60 years of career, and it controls the first TV program (Mr Brazil), with the set-FSC certified – the Forest Stewardship Council. Rolando Boldrin was also honored in Benchmarking People in 2016 by his love of brazilian popular culture, and for being the most notable counter stories of human types brazilian. Voices of Sustainability surprises the reader with testimonials that show the essence of the thought of great personalities. And to end, a cover is exquisite of the FOURTEENTH century Bench Day, that even in a year of crisis, reigned absolute with 6 modes, 2 of them directed at the young audience. Good Read.

17 August 2016
Marilena Lino A. Lavorato
The editor of the Journal Benchmarking and Creator of the Program Benchmarking Brazil