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Revista Benchmarking Ed 11All for Sustainability 

With this focus, the 11th edition of Benchmarking presents visions, trends and solutions for sustainable management with the participation of its best minds and names


The Magazine Benchmarking is a recurring annual with a focus on good practices of sustainability that became a practical guide with visions, trends and solutions of the socio-environmental management. The magazine will count with the participation of the best heads of sustainability to share knowledge in a different format, and thus, reach the various segments of the public for which the journal is sent. The choice of the topics covered, and especially of the names invited to participate in the magazine is done with the maximum caution and note for timeliness and legitimacy to be guaranteed.

In addition to the block "Happening" that brings the agenda and coverage of the most significant events of the sector; the specification "Technical Articles" that publishes texts signed by researchers and leaders of the area; the sections "Pages Green" with interviews of consultants, experts and activists on specific issues of sustainability, and "Trajectories" that highlights the life and work of people engaged with the cause of social and environmental, the magazine also brings together personalities who have an affinity with the subject for statements and phrases in the "Gallery" registering the voices of the sustainability of artists, scientists and activists.

We have researched a lot to bring the best names in sustainability, and, in some cases with operations outside of the country, thus providing a global vision on a particular topic. In this edition, Pages Green interview Paula Kehoe, a specialist in the dry season, and the director of the Water Resources Commission Utilities Public of san Francisco in California (USA), a city that has gone through severe periods of drought. Another highlight of the issue are the testimonies of the writers of the book BenchMais3 with over 20 thinkers and experts talking about the book, which confirms the hegemony of the work in "Practices of Sustainability".

In the Trajectories we have the special registry of the life and work of Cristian Dimitrius, who is a biologist specialized in wildlife and natural history. It is also fótografo, cameraman and TV presenter, whose mission is to make people fall in love for the planet by means of their images. In the Gallery, personalities from the media and through environmental leave messages about sustainability. In technical events, Bench Day reigns absolute with 5 modalities, being 2 of them for a young audience. The program Benchmarking Brazil shows with their numbers because it is one of the most respected labels of the sustainability of the country.

Anyone who reads the Magazine Benchmarking know the legitimacy of that practice sustainability, that is, "Who is Who" in fact in good social and environmental practices.

To read or download the magazine, click the cover below that will be referred to the electronic version of the Magazine Benchmarking Edition 11. Its printed version is distributed free of charge in the technical meetings of the Institute MORE. Good read.


São Paulo, September 05, 2015

Marilena Lino de Almeida Lavorato Creator of the Program Benchmarking Brazil and the Editor of the Journal Benchmarking