Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Sustainability 2015

Poll points out the major topics of interest

The Institute MORE starts the year presenting the poll that was held in partnership with More Projects to identify sustainability issues that will arouse the attention and interest of professionals working in the area in 2015. The poll had as a guiding axis the 10 thematic management developed by the Program Benchmarking Brazil since 2003. They are: 1) Productive Arrangements; 2) Education and Communication-Environmental; 3) Emissions, 4) Energy; 5)Tools and Management Policies; 6)Management and Reforestation; 7) Research and Development of New Products; 8) Porteção and Conservation; 9) Water Resources and waste; 10) Waste.   


The Poll has recorded 262 shares, with 217 valid responses, and 45 invalid. That is, had 83% of the responses and only 17% of responses not taken advantage of. The poll is conducted annually with the public specialist, the leaders and activists of the area, in addition to others interested in the topic of environmental. The Poll has been held since 2002 has the objective of identifying topics of interest for the composition of content that will be worked in the calendar of activities of the new year. The technical meetings that receive cases Benchmarking and invited experts are formatted according to the themes that receive the largest vote. Education; Tools Management, Water Resources and Waste were the topics that got the largest vote in 2015 and that surely will be in the grid of events and the content developed by I+, and More Projects in 2015. See the following charts complete survey 2014/2015.