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XIII Bench Day presented the legitimate sustainability 2015


The Ranking of the Holders of the Best socio-Environmental Practices in Brazil

On 02 of July, in the auditorium of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region, at Avenida Paulista, 1842 – 25th floor, was known to the Ranking Benchmarking 2015.

This was the 13th edition of Bench Day, which certifies the legitimate sustainability in 05 modalities: Individuals, Junior, Arts, Hackathon and Senior. Shared the stage, specialists, scientists, activists, artists, leaders, youth and seniors of the area-environmental.

Bench Day has already become the picture of the social and environmental management of the brazilian, by the innovative format that mobilizes the critical mass of sustainability in the movement by the good practices in brazilian organizations.

Bench Day, a day for the advancement of sustainability in the country

Sustainability is treated as a new frontier of innovation was the hallmark of the THIRTEENTH century Bench Day that for 12 hours showed an intense schedule for more than 300 people who took 2 auditoriums, one of them being broadcasted.

We had 28 cases Benchmarking of certified organizations for the Ranking 2015. And, 10 projects for innovations in green including the 5 APPs to control water, developed by the students of technical courses of vocational schools and of the IT courses of the universities. 10 works of art sustainable were exposed, 02 honored personalities and 01 book management, BenchMais3, was released in the course of the day. The program included, with artistic attractions cultural: Robson Miguel, the guitarist number 1 in the world, coral Tract in the Tone of TRF3, and stand up comedy. Bench Day 2015 closed with a cocktail of friendship to the legitimate sustainability could celebrate this date which has contributed to the advancement of sustainability in the country.

During the day, it was held the seminar on Benchmarking and the night, the solemnity Benchmarking. The following are the key moments of solemnity with the Legitimate Sustainability 2015

 Ranking Benchmarking Brazil 2015 with 28 organizations-holders of the sustainability best practices


Ranking Benchmarking 2015
The Legitimate Sustainability

1 Itaipu Binacional (PR) More Fish in Our Waters
2nd Cargill Agricultural (SP) Pomarola More Sustainable
3rd Triumph-Transbrasiliana (SP) Multipliers in Environmental Education
4th Abbott (RJ) Composting of Waste
5 Foundation Alphaville (SP) Program Young Sustainable
6 Ambev (SP) Collective action to Preserve Water
7 SABESP (SP) Management of Water Scarcity
8 ArcelorMittal Tubarão (ES) Master plan of Water
9 Petrobras (RJ) Energy Management Building
10th Dana (RS) The Recycling of Rubber in Dana
11 House of the Currency of Brazil (RJ) Forest restoration of the CMB
12 AVON (SP) Out of The Box
13 Instituto Embratel Claro (RJ) Ict and Class of the Site/FUNSAG
14 Alumar (MA) Energy sources of Success
15 The company Suape (PE) Project Pedagogy Environmental
16 Renova Energy (BA) Museum of the High Sertão of Bahia
17 Aurora Foods (SC) Program Friend Energy
18 Administrative Itaim Paulista (SP) Integrated Action
19 CHESF (PE) Green Printing
20 CEMIG (MG) System Siságua Cemig
21 Bauducco (SP) Project Landfill Zero
22 Braskem (BA) Sustainability in IT
23 KINROSS Paracatu (MG) Curves of the Green Level to the RAD
24 Precon Engineering (MG) Solution Housing Precon
25 Samarco Mining (S) Proper management of Waste
26 Brasilprev (SP) Life projects on the Tip of the Pencil
27 Shahini Environmental (SP) Sustainability in the School
28 Cancer institute (SP) Disposal of Medicines

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About the program Benchmarking Brazil:


In 13 editions, the Program Benchmarking Brazil consolidated its position as one of the most respected labels of the Sustainability of the country. With a structured methodology, recognized by the ABNT, and the participation of specialists from several countries, the Ranking Benchmarking defines and recognizes the holders of the best sustainability practices in Brazil. The program, in addition to the Ranking brings together other actions to promote sustainability as publications, database, digital, open access, technical meetings, trade fairs and congresses, among others. In addition to encouraging the pursuit of continuous improvement and the adoption of good practices in organizations, the Program Benchmarking Brazil contributed to over these 12 years, effective with the construction of a critical mass of sustainability in the country. In 2013, Benchmarking Brazil was the big winner (1st place) in the category Humanities Prize von Martius Sustainability of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Germany. The 13th edition counted with the institutional support of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region and the IAPMEI – Partnerships for growth, Portugal.

São Paulo, 03 of July of 2015

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