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Management tools for Sustainability

Capa - Estudo NEXT_editThe idea of Sustainable launches unprecedented study on management tools for sustainability

Over 200 professionals attended the launch at FIESP

More than 200 executives, leaders, and professionals interested in sustainability participated, in the morning of today (25/feb), in the auditorium of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP), the release of 4th Study NEXT: Management Tools for Sustainability – the 5 Big Challenges. At the event, Ricardo Voltolini, president-director of consulting Idea Sustainable and the creator of NEXT – Observatory of Trends in Sustainability (an initiative of Platform Sustainable Leadership), presented the main trends identified in the research:

1) Map and measure the externalities: Use tools to identify the social and environmental impacts and calculate the externalities with the maximum accuracy;
2) Define material issues and strategic objectives: Prioritize material issues to measure what really matters and to connect them with the strategic objectives;
3) Transversalizar sustainability in management: Deploy sustainability across the organization, and not only in one or another area;
4) Generate Shared Value & Reporting Integrated: Integrate the sustainability information to the financial statements, valuing other capital, in addition to the economic;
5) Promote the connectivity of tools: increasingly Integrate the different instruments of sustainability management, avoiding waste of efforts that do not interact with each other.

To the side of Voltolini, composed the table for the launch of the study, the director-president of the Fundação espaço ECO® (FEE) – the main supporter of the NEXT –, Roberto Araújo, and the head holder attached to the The Social Responsibility committee (CORES) FIESP, Gracia Elisabeth Fragalá. To Araújo, “the contents of the research represent a practical contribution to those who deal directly with the management of sustainability in the day-to-day business”. Already Gracia celebrated: “Today, we seek to approach small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the discussion of sustainability from the point of view of the business strategy, and this publication is the tool that we needed to reach our goal. The COLORS are very pleased to consolidate the partnership with an Idea to Sustainable and FEE.”

During the event, the public gave also the participation of the main validator of the study, Oliver Laasch, founder of the Center for Responsible Management Education (Education center in Responsible Management) and director of the Institute for Technological Innovation The university of Manchester. Co-author of the book Principles of Responsible Management: Glocal Sustainability, Responsibility, and Ethics (Principles of Responsible Management: Sustainability, Responsibility and Ethics “Glocais”), the expert spoke to the participants directly from England, via Skype, about the importance of sustainability both in the individual dimension – the understanding of each one of the employees of the organizations – as well as in the strategic – insert the concept in the planning and in operations.

About The Idea Sustainable

Idea Sustainable is a company that specializes in strategy and intelligence in sustainability was created in 1993 by Ricardo Voltolini, one of the first specialists in the subject in Brazil. With the differential of having 20 years in the market, operates in the hybrid model – think tank (organization that is dedicated to produce and disseminate content and tactics on issues of strategic importance for public interest), and consulting – developing and managing knowledge for companies, in three lines: consulting, education and content.