Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Week Commemorative of the Tietê River, 13 to 22 September


The I+ participates in the Week, Commemorative of the Tiete River, which will be held in the Ecological Park of Tietê/ Museum of the Tietê River, with cultural programming from 13 to 22 September. The space Culture of Sustainability with the works selected by the Benchmarking of the Arts in 2013 and 2014 . Artists who work on sustainability in their works as a technique or expression. Participate in and provide programming


Event: Week Commemorative of the Tietê River

From 13 to 22 September  


Centro Cultural Rio Tietê/Museu do Tietê


Parque Ecológico do Tietê – Leisure Centre Engineer Goulart

Street Guira Acangatara, 70 zip code: 03719-000 Eng. .Goulart-SP tel 29581477 extension 230,218

Output km 17 of the Highway Airton Senna, returning for the marginal

SPTRANS-2718-31-Jd Kerakux-Metro Rock

Meeting point: Museum of the Tietê/Building Govt.André Franco Montoro



September 13, at 09:00 hours

1-physical Activity: Walking

1st Step: walk 03 km ;

2nd Step: Stop to the Island of the Monkeys and visit

Declamation of poetry on the theme of the Tietê by Iara Teixeira, this place;

3rd Step: Return to the Museum

2-Coffee Break

3-Message on the River Tiete

The director of the Ecological Park of Tietê:Edison Aparecido Candido , Environmentalist Marilene Lavorato, chairman of the Sustainability Committee of the Institute More and Teacher Vitor Cezar Maniero, coordinator of the Cultural Center of the Tietê River.


4-Presentation of the Coral “in Our Corner”

The regency of the singer of the Paulistano Choir of the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo, Eliane Vieira de Aquino.

5-Impressions Creative Panels – Theme My Tietê River

10 panels – groups of interested participants.

6-Visit of the exhibition :With a lot of fiber if: d a story/artist Bench of the Arts 2014 and artisan Cleide Toledo : StudioPalhaBrasilArtes

Curated By:Morgan Cross

7-Visit the exhibition of the artists Bench of the Arts award winning /Benchmarking 2014 /Culture Sustainability

The two exhibits referred to above will remain open to the public until the 30th of September/2014.


September 20, at 10:30 h and 14:30 h - Workshop Cultural Tietê Block C

Pedagogical activity : (game playful) Time decomposition of materials the Public/ Users of the Ecological Park of Tietê


September 21, 10:30 h and 14:30 h –the Museum of the Tietê River

1-Declamation of póemas alluding to the Tietê River by Iara Teixeira

Poems: Tietê river ,my River of Jean Garfunkel and the Tietê River (Toada Historical) John Pacific

2-monitoring Activities to interested groups:sign up / e-mail


September 22. The day of the Tietê River, by virtue of Decree 78 15 23/04/1992.


1-Monitoring activity in the Museum;

2 - Projection of videos depicting the Tietê;

3-cultural traditions at the disposal of the visiting public.