Working for a new culture of Sustainability

Management and Training

The dynamism of the market imposes on companies and their professionals to constantly update. The innovation is pre-requisite to the growth of the company and the professional.

Mindful of this dynamic, we developed a grid of current and relevant themes and quick applicability. The themes are raised in polls and surveys that we conduct periodically with public expert and trendsetter.

Our methodology prioritizes knowledge applied by means of the choice of content covering processes and strategies in their management aspects practical (applied in day-to-day running of the organization).

We produce and share rich content through courses, workshops, workshops, exhibitions, publications, consulting, curatorial projects, conferences, seminars and technical meetings.

We work with a specialized team of managers, researchers and entrepreneurs with long experience of working in the various cutouts of the social responsibility, the environment, quality of life and sustainability. We are prepared to administer content introductory, intermediate, and advanced. See us.


Courses open from march:

Sustainability: Green Economy, socio-Environmental Responsibility Business, Education, Environmental, Governance, and Management Models

Environment: Energy, Waste, Water Resources, and Emissions

Quality of Life: Well-Being, Self-Esteem, Power, and Balance Financial



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