Working for a new culture of Sustainability


Socio-environmental OnLine, a novel way to build and share knowledge

 The Portal Environmental online arises to meet an immediate need for the maintenance of socio-environmental qualified and organized for fast absorption and applicability.

A group of experts, personalities and leaders involved in environmental management and sustainability will present their experiences and expertise through an innovative methodology and functional that goes beyond borders and reaches up to the professional and citizens who want to upgrade and use their capacity to meet this emerging demand for sustainability. Here the professional and the company are a comprehensive catalog and current, organised and dynamic practice for corporate education. A variety of themes management for updating and training-environmental.

There are more than 100 lecture videos with slides ppt, testimonials of personalities and leaderships,10 courses fast free specialization and 10 Ebooks with the most requested thematic management of current and the higher the db of Good Practices in the Country with the summary of 111 cases Benchmarking. Besides of course schedule, library, virtual, wall, environmental, clipping noticias environmental and recommended events. All of this here and a click away from you.

All designed to the mininos details and with the quality standard of the who for 10 years makes the pyramid of learning happen. More Projects, learn and teach always.