Working for a new culture of Sustainability


Social Responsibility

All of our events and publications are carried out according to the criteria of sustainability: environmentally correct, socially fair and economically viable.

In the case of events, the highlight of the FIBoPS International since the first edition of the FIBoPS is carried out as per the principles and guidelines of Sustainability, including by addressing the key theme of the proposal.

Democratizamos the socio-environmental knowledge applied by means of the free access to the workshops and managerial carried out during the event, helping in the professional updating of the participants. Universities and technical colleges schedule visits and participate in free activities. Mounted in a standardized manner allowed the FIBoPS since the 1st edition to monitor and neutralize the emissions of greenhouse gases, generated by the event. In addition, we also carried out the selective collection of organic materials and recycled making the management of waste produced during the event.

Another particularity is the promotion of the creative economy with the opening free space for artists, environmentalists, Ngos and artisans to present and sell their solutions, visions, initiatives and products that collaborate with the improvement of the environment

Sustainability indicators 4th FIBoPS

During the period of assembly and disassembly, the organization manages its waste, neutralizes its emissions, are contributing to the creative economy and democratizes the access to knowledge.

Waste management: There were approximately 370 Kgs of waste collected and forwarded for recycling and composting. The waste management was carried out by the Institute More in partnership with the NGO Vira Lata and NGOS to Address the Forest.

 The neutralization of the Emissions: Were neutralized 2.45 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. See code of traceability in the neutralization certificate available on the website and at the end of this document

Fostering A Creative Economy: Was granted free space, and institutional structure and the commercial for which more than 30 professional autonomous and active in this segment could present and market their solutions to the public visitor.

Democratization of Knowledge: It was released for free to free access 02 technical rooms and 01 space recreational cultural and 01 gourmet space with approximately 80 capacity building activities and awareness raising social and environmental to the public participant. Lectures, workshops, workshops, and tasting with technical issues that are managerial and immediate applicability in business and professional career, exposed by specialists, researchers, consultants and academics.

Expertise volunteer: Train 50 volunteers on environmental management and specialized care to act in the visits monitored to the 4th FIBoPS. We rely on the voluntary participation of 35 of them, all of them students or recent graduates in management and engineering, environmental, Public Relations, and Journalism, Secretariat.

Jobs generated: More than 50 direct jobs generated by the event in the hiring of: Media relations, Assembly of Stands, Lighting, audio-visual Equipment, Event Agency, Internet service Provider, Security, Cleaning, Neutralization of Emissions, Waste Management, Graphics, Translators, Convention Center, Transportation, Landscaping, Photographers, Shooting, Buffet, WebMaster, Programmer, Webdesigner, Airline, travel Agency, Hotels, Disclosure, Legal Employees, accountancy, Courier, Receptionists

See more details in the performance report by clicking on the cover of the 2011 report or on the website