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Program MORE Volunteers

The More Attitude The Institute Social-environmental is an institution of private law non-profit, dedicated to research and capacity building social and environmental dissemination, strengthening and encouraging the adoption of good socio-environmental practices in the institutions and society. The offer of voluntary participation will always be welcome. We need and appreciate the dedication, personal or professional, with or without load pre-defined, since there is a real commitment. In return we offer free access to publications and technical events of the Institute MORE. Formalize and document the work of the volunteers. We are open to new ideas, suggestions, and comments.
• Contribution to the website;
• Research issues of interest (sustainability, good practices, environmental projects, technological innovations, etc.);
• Interviews with personalities and leaders of the industry;
• Technical contribution (maintenance, webdesign, developers, etc.);
• Distribution of news to the social networks on the internet;
• The pursuit of partnerships with social networks;
• Dissemination of the Institute;
• Storage and organization of listings of e-mails;
• Opening opportunities for presentations of the Institute MORE entities, companies and groups of friends;
• Capture of Associated (campaigns of new members);
• Fundraising;
• Search for sponsorship to make projects and programs;
• Organization of events such as technical meetings, fairs, etc.;
• Contacts with Ngos, public authorities, social movements, social organisations for discovery projects, or for joint implementation;
• International integration of the Institute MORE (contacts, partnerships, exchange of information);
• Operating;
• Preparation of projects (research, writing, presentations);
• Support in events (launches, meetings, presentations, ceremonial) in logistics, the photographic coverage, the secretariat, etc.;
• Administrative support – organization of databases;
• Proofreading and translation of texts;
• New ideas – design and feasibility;

Be a volunteer I+ and help build a new culture able to redesign a more sustainable future

To be a volunteer I+ do contact:
Phone 011 3257-9660/ 3637-4457/ 3637-4459